Child Actor – A Perfect Cloud


Natalie Plaza and Max Heath make up the Connecticut duo known as Child Actor, brave explorers of the sonic realm shared by Purity Ring and Chvrches (when they’re not working as licensed squirrel rescuers, that is). They released the Never Die LP in 2014, and have worked off and on with production duo Blue Sky Black Death.  Never Die was catchy and pop-friendly, full of big drums, glowing synth melodies, and Plaza’s shining beacon of a voice, a fun listen start-to-finish.

That’s all well and good and stuff.  Child Actor could have kept riding that indiesynthpop wave album after album before riding off into the sunset.  Let’s be glad they didn’t, though,because their latest, A Perfect Cloud, is infinitely more interesting; a chaotic, explosive work that never lets on where it’s taking you next.  I won’t spoil a second of it for you – stream A Perfect Cloud in full above, and head to Bandcamp for a name-your-price download.


Child Actor: BandcampFacebookSoundcloud

Slow Breathing Circuit: FacebookTwitterMixcloud

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