Jack Colwell – When The World Explodes EP


The world first got to know Jack Colwell through his single “Don’t Cry Those Tears,” off his debut EP, Only When Flooded Could I Let Go.  Given the genre – a kind of tragic, wistful pop – the artist lineup for the followup remix EP, When the World Explodes, is a pretty serious plot twist.  Colwell enlists some of experimental music’s most eccentric weirdos, from avant-garde guitar pioneer Christian Fennesz to Iranian mind-scrambler Ash Koosha.  Seeing Colwell’s classic material reworked by these artists, who don’t play by any rules at all, is certainly jarring.  But the Sydney, Australia-based singer’s got a voice that works well with the surreal, gothic darkness that’s in no short supply here.  Stream two of the remixes below, and head over to iTunes or Spotify for the rest of When the World Explodes.


Jack Colwell: FacebookTwitter –  Official Site

Slow Breathing Circuit: FacebookTwitterMixcloud

-photos by Wilk

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