Navie D – Music for Rap Vol. 1


It’s a simple title, but Music for Rap Vol. 1 also kinda sounds like a Brian Eno beat tape.  Hehe.  The man behind the music is actually Canada’s Navie D, whose resume boasts production credits for big-time rappers like Joey Bada$$, Homeboy Sandman, and Big KRIT.  Lately Navie’s been letting his beats speak for themselves, like on his shadowy 2016 EP, Post.  Music for Rap is spare and minimal in comparison, so it wouldn’t be too suprising if we see vocals added to these tracks in the future.  Check out “Psalms of Ours” below, and head over to Bandcamp to hear the 8-track collection, available as a name-your-price download.

Navie D: SoundcloudBandcampTwitter

Slow Breathing Circuit: FacebookTwitterMixcloud

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