Grab a free techno tribute to Boards of Canada from Ben Rau

As a rule, all music nerds – especially electronic producers – adore Boards of Canada.  The few naysayers out there are well, probably pretentious Aphex Twin / Squarepusher purists  or country music fans.  Or they hate nature, have never tried psychedelics, and are entirely unamused by beauty and mystery.  Whoever they are they should be thrown in prison.

Anyway, we all know how rare new music is from BoC, but those aforementioned other electronic producers, from techno to ambient, just love remixing the brothers Sandison.  I’m sure there’s a truckload of remixes out there, but Midland’s “Olson” remix and Bibio’s version of “Kaini Industries” are good examples from a while back, as well as a handful of acoustic reworks by Helios.  More recently, Ben Rau gave away a techno edit of “Sunshine Recorder” as a free download.  Like Midland’s remix, the track repeats a BoC sample in a dance music framework, giving those timeless melodies a new context.

Boards of Canada have always followed their albums with EPs in the past, but their newest, Tomorrow’s Harvest, is almost three years old and still stands alone.  I know they’re starting to cramp up but keep those fingers crossed.  Keep ’em crossed.



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