Max Richter’s ‘Sleep’ gets reimagined by Clark and Mogwai

Clocking in at around eight hours, Max Richter’s Sleep seems impossible to digest in one sitting, without, well, sleeping through it.  Despite its title, such a strategy wouldn’t nearly do the album justice; Sleep is as detailed and sweeping as its novella-length tracklist suggests.  One for the to-do list, I guess.

Still, you should go ahead and check out these Sleep remixes now.  It’s more than likely that the names Clark and Mogwai are why you clicked this link in the first place, as they are known to be rather outstanding in their fields.  Anyway, these remixes are measured in minutes, not hours, so you shouldn’t have too much trouble.  The Sleep remixes LP is due February 19, with vinyl coming in March.  Check out the tracklist below.

‘Sleep remixes’

01 “Path 5 (delta)” (short edit)
02 “Path 5” (Mogwai remix)
03 “Path 5” (Mogwai remix – short edit)
04 “Path 5” (Clark remix)
05 “Path 5” (Clark remix – section 3)
06 “Path 5” (Digitonal’s Theo in Dreamland mix)
07 “Path 5” (Digitonal’s Theo in Dreamland short mix)
08 “Dream 3 (in the midst of my life)” (short edit)
09 “Dream 3” (Jürgen Müller remix)
10 “Dream 3” (Jürgen Müller remix – short edit)
11 “Dream 13 (minus even)” (short edit)
12 “Dream 13” (Marconi Union remix)
13 “Dream 13” (Marconi Union remix – short edit)

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