Explosions in the Sky set off into ‘The Wilderness’ on forthcoming LP

It’s hard to name a band better than Explosions in the Sky at making you feel all warm and sentimental.  The Texan four-piece explores other emotions as well, but their music is best when it’s wild-eyed and adventurous with a tinge of nostalgia, like your sepia-filtered memory of last summer’s finest hours.

EITS likes to lay low from time to time.  It has been five years since their last true album, so the recent announcement of The Wilderness (out April 1 via Temporary Residence) is a long time coming.  The lead single, “Disintegration Anxiety,” is a pretty triumphant song despite its title, full of their trademark guitar layering and Chris Hrasky’s galloping drums.  Clocking in at four minutes, it suggests (along with the lengthy album tracklist) that Explosions might be focused on shorter, tighter-knit songs these days.  We’ll find out April 1, until then stream “Disintegration Anxiety” and check out the tracklist below.

The Ecstatics
Tangle Formations
Logic Of a Dream
Disintegration Anxiety
Losing the Light
Infinite Orbit
Colors in Space
Landing Cliffs


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