Do Make Say Think’s Justin Small is releasing a single every week for a year

Single-artist subscription services are a great idea, but with an understandable limitation; financially speaking, a person can only choose a few.  Do Make Say Think’s Justin Small’s deal is pretty enticing, though.  For one year, he’ll record a new single every week, complete with artwork, and for a buck it’ll be right there in your inbox waiting for you.  He’s been at it a few months already, and no bullshit, these aren’t throwaways, they’re new, polished tracks he comes up with week by week, a testament to Small’s focus and endless creativity.

To get a taste for Small’s warm, acoustic, shoegaze-y sound, stream his Summer album below, available on his Bandcamp as a name-your-price deal.  And if you think he isn’t capable of throwing you a curveball or two, just wait ’til you get to “Boogie Woogie Back Up!”

There have been rumblings of new stuff from the whole DMST crew…let’s all cross our fingers that happens soon.

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