Arms & Sleepers and Sun Glitters team up for new split EP

While Arms & Sleepers call Boston, MA home, they’re a favorite over in Europe and Asia too.  They’ve always made a point of touring extensively overseas, and while only one member of the duo continues to tour at this point, 2015 has been a busy year for the band.  Fresh off of an Italian tour with Sun Glitters, they’ve teamed up again to give us the collaborative EP, simply titled AAS X SG.

A light affair, the EP features one full length track and one short interlude or sketch from each artist.  Inventive as always, Arms & Sleepers use twinkling keys and pitch-shifted vocals over their casual hip-hop beats on “Kanada Vintage” and “W,” while Sun Glitters takes things a little darker and dreamier on “Night Breeze” and “See You.”

These tracks have the fun, spontaneous feel of a late night spitballing session between friends.  Whether these songs were written during that joint Italian tour or separately, Sun Glitters and Arms & Sleepers are clearly good friends and likeminded artists.

Stream three of the four tracks below, and head over to Bandcamp to hear / purchase the whole thing.

Arms & Sleepers: SoundcloudFacebookTwitter

Sun Glitters: SoundcloudFacebookTwitter


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