Music Video: Teebs – “Sachi’s Chords”

Mtendere Mandowa has been saving up his rough drafts and unused remixes as Teebs, and is set to release them as a vinyl collection, titled AV ESTR Outtakes + Remixes.  There’s not one but three different editions of the package, all including Mandowa’s amazing artwork, which is pretty much a second career for him.  100 bucks will get you the complete package: vinyl, cassette, art, pins, sticker, poster, zine – it’s pretty elaborate.  Check out an accompanying video for “Sachi’s Chords” below, directed by Miko Revereza.  Pre-order the record here.

AV ESTR Outtakes + Remixes

Screen Shot 2015-09-30 at 7.42.22 PM

Teebs: SoundcloudFacebookTwitter Official Site

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